French Bulldog and Pug Mix

This article will be about the French Bulldog and Pug Mix, a mix which is also popularly known as the Frug.

French Bulldog and Pug Mix

The parents of this mixed breed are known to have a small stature though, its character overshadows its size i.e. they have great personalities.

This article is majorly and primarily about discussing and learning everything on this mixed breed.

We will be touching on important aspects like its temperament, history, health, bodily features amongst many other important aspects.

Things in this article “French Bulldog and Pug Mix” will surely help in your decision-making whether this mix is the best for you, whether this mix has what you are looking for in dogs.

The bodily features of this mix are said to affect their health and this is also an important aspect that we will also be looking at and touching.

The Frug is a cute breed and this mix is from the cross-breeding of the French Bulldog and Pug so, we will like to go into details and the first thing we will be talking about is what a Frug is.

What is a Frug?

A Frug is a mix that is a result of the cross-breeding of the French Bulldog and Pug. This mix can also be called the Frenchie Pug.

This mix possessed the physical appearance of both parents which is why they are small in size since their parents are both small in size.

Most of this mix called the Frug is said to have a puffy face which is known to be inherited from their Pug Parent.

This mixed breed is said to love attention which means they hate to be left alone and they are also said to adjust way fast around family and new homes.

The character of this mix is said to be determined by the dominant gene in this mixed breed though, there will surely be some similarities between the two breeds in the Frug.

And we will briefly talk about the similarities of the two breeds in the Frug.

They are both known for being very cuddly in nature which in some ways always makes them excellent companion dogs.

This article will entail everything you need to know about the Frug whether you are just planning on getting this mixed breed or you need to know more about it.

So, the first major aspect we will be looking at about this mix is its historical background.

Historical Backgroung of French Bulldog Pug Mixed Breed (Frug)

We will look at the history of this mix, where it came from. But, we can only know and understand more about the history of this breed through the historical background of both parents.

The two parents have so many things in common, we will still have to briefly look at their histories because this is very important for learning.

Learning about the parents of this mixed breed, mostly about their histories will surely help you to understand and know your Frug well and better.

For first, we will be going through the history lane of the French Bulldogs which are known to originate from England.

History of The French Bulldog

This breed is said and known to be very playful, friendly, brilliant, intelligent and they are also said to be great companion dogs which trait is also reflecting in the Frug.

And presently, the French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in America and they are even recognized by the American Kennel Club [AKC] which ranked them to be the 4th most popular breed of dogs in America.

Now, we will be moving to the Pug. We will be talking about the historical background of the Pug

History of The Pug

The Pug is said to date back to about two thousand years ago. This breed has always been treasured from way back then, this breed was only even owned by the emperor back then.

Pugs were then bred only for very powerful people and families to be their well-treasured companion dogs. This breed is said to originate from China.

And presently, Pugs are among the top 30 most popular dogs in America and they are also recognized by the America Kennel Club.

Frenchie Pug (French Bulldog and Pug Mixed Breed)

The real and exact origin of the Frenchie Pug is yet to be known though, some believe this mixed breed actually came from the United States.

So much is not known about this breed, they are bred to be good and wonderful companion dogs.

And the temperament, personalities, and characteristics of this mixed breed will only and solely depend on the dominant parent/gene.

Temperament of French Bulldog and Pug Mix

We will be looking at the temperament of the Frenchie Pug. This mix is said to be very friendly, lovable, and cute.

The French Pug does not really go well with being isolated or left alone for too long. This mix loves attention and love.

The trait of this mix of being an attention seeker is said to be inherited from its parents who are both attention seekers and lovers.

They do well with children and are also known to be playful. They also do well with other dogs and animals.

Though, it is advisable that they are being monitored well while with children or larger dogs or animals because of their small stature.

This mixed breed is also known to be natural entertainers. They love to make their owners happy, you will always want to have them around.

You have to always observe and monitor the temperature of the environment they are in because they really can’t cope well in environments that their temperature is too cold or too warm.

They are very good guard dogs because of their alertness and they also do well with strangers when trained well.

Appearance and Size of the French Bulldog and Pug Mix

We will be talking about what this canine looks like and we will also talk about its height, stature, and weight.

It’s always unpredictable what a mixed breed will look like which is also the same with this beautiful mixed breed.

But normally, the Frug possesses large bat-like ears which it inherited from its French Bulldog parent and a wrinkled face which it inherited from its Pug parent.

Inheriting all these beautiful bodily features from their parents makes them perfectly cute even more than their parents.

The Frug possesses a face with full cheeks a rounded wide eyes and a tail that is also curly and all these making this mixed breed perfectly attractive and irresistible.

Size of the French Bulldog and Pug Mix

Now, in terms of the size of a Frug and size means both its weight and height. The mixed breed with a very small stature is said to weigh around 14 pounds to 28 pounds.

And for its height, it is said to be around 10 inches to 13 inches tall. So, this will be it on the appearance and size of a Frug.

Feeding – Food and Diet of the French Bulldog-Pug Mix

High-quality dog food is highly recommended for this canine if you want it to be healthy, fit, and strong.

This high-quality dog food comprises and contains all the natural ingredients which are also whole and balanced that your canine needs to be healthy, strong, and fit.

The meal of this canine should be given to it at least twice a day and the quantity of this balanced high-quality meal should not be more than 11/2 or 2 cups per meal.

You should reduce the dry food you give your dog when you give it canned dog food and this is to avoid overeating and obesity.

Whenever you discover that your dog is putting too much weight on or for any other reason, you have to alter its meal and diet, your vet should first be consulted.

It is advisable to first consult your vet because dog needs differ so, it’s only your vet that can recommend the best and right thing to do and give.

Caring for the French Bulldog and Pug Mix

We will be talking about how to care properly and well for the French Bulldog Pug mix. This dog is not a high-energy dog so, it doesn’t really need too much exercise.

As stated before, this mixed breed does not need much exercise because they are medium energy dogs so, just a regular walk during your free time will do for this canine.

Always engaging their canine in one or two activities is highly recommended since they don’t really go well with being left alone especially for a long time.

And for the fact, the Frug puppies are said to have more energy compared to the older Frug who loves relaxing than being engaged in activities.

Health of the French Bulldog Pug Mix

This is one of the most important aspects of the life of a dog, an aspect all dog owners must really be very aware of.

This canine is a very healthy one and its life expectancy is said to be around 10 years and 12 years. Though, it is also prone to some health issues from its both parents.

This mixed breed is likely to suffer from some health issues which affected its parents and these health issues will be listed below:

  • Skin Allergies
  • Eye Diseases
  • Ear Infections
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Pulmonary Stenosis
  • Obesity
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hypothyroidism

Above are some health problems this mixed breed is likely to suffer from which some are serious and some are just minor problems.

And, it is highly advised and recommended to visit your vet regularly for check-ups and be well prepared for some bills too.

Training the French Bulldog and Pug Mixed Breed

Training this canine can be somewhat stressful a bit because this canine can be very stubborn sometimes and this trait is inherited from its parents.

It is advisable to start its training at a very young age. The Frenchie Pugs are actually brilliant and intelligent too so, they will pick up fast, good, and well.

The Frenchie Pugs can also be good watchdogs when trained well for it because they are brilliant and intelligent.

Grooming French Bulldog Pug Mix

This mixed breed is blessed with a thin and short coat which also means the coat of this mixed breed isn’t made for cold weather.

And, this short coat also has its own advantages which one of which is that it doesn’t require too much grooming.

Everyday bathing isn’t for this breed and they are also said to be medium shedders.

Regular brushing is advised and their nails should be taken care of at least one to two times every month.

Final Thoughts on French Bulldog and Pug Mix

The first question you should ask yourself before getting this beauty is whether it is the best and right choice of dog for you and your family.

With that being said, the Frug are actually very good companion dogs though, they are to be observed and monitored when with kids and large animals.

The French Bulldog and Pug Mix will surely make a great family pet. This will be it on this topic.

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