Pocket American Bully

Looking for a guide on the Pocket American Bully? This guide contains all the required information you need to know about the breed.

Pocket American Bully

Pocket American Bully is a breed of dog which is very friendly, kind, affectionate, trustworthy, reliable, and loving.

As a fact, there are different clubs that acknowledge several breeds of dogs, and these clubs are known as the kennel clubs.

Any breed of dog that is acknowledged by these kennel clubs is said and known to be fit to be a pet since there are so many breeds of dogs all over the world.

The only breed of dogs acknowledged by these kennel clubs to be safe can be advised to be kept as a pet.

These breeds of dogs which are recognized as pet dogs are always loved by their owners and families because they are friendly and affectionate amongst many other good characters they possess.

Dogs are very loyal to their owners and masters, they are very affectionate and loving. They have so many ways of expressing their love to their owners and masters.


Although, look and face the look and faces of some dogs are frightening and scary but they are still all-loving and affectionate most especially to their owners.

And as our main aim and objective of this guide are to discuss in detail the American Bully Pocket type, who is also among the loving and affectionate breed of dogs.

The Pocket American Bully

There are so many words and terms used in representing and describing this breed known as the American Bully.

And the Pocket American Bully is known to be among the different types of American Bully you can have as a pet.

The Pocket American Bully which can also be called the American Bully Pocket is known to be the most charming and appealing of all the American Bulldogs.

The American Bulldogs come in different sizes which is also the same with every dog, some can be big while some can be small and some can have a medium size.

The American Bully Pocket is part of the small-sized dogs and it’s said to look like the American Pitbull Terrier in terms of its size and stature.

The American Bully Pocket can also be called the Pocket Pit Bull since it is sort of the tiny version of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The fame and popularity of the Pocket American Bully are increasing more and more and this is major as a result of its size and stature.

This breed of dog is more loved and treasured by its owner because it can be carried around due to its shape and build.

Pocket American Bully is also very friendly, loving, sweet, cute, and loyal.

This guide contains everything you need to know and learn about the Pocket American Bully or The American Bully Pocket.

History of Pocket American Bully

Pocket American Bully which is also known as Bully Pocket type is a cross-breed which means this breed of dog is not purebred.

The true origin of the Pocket Bully is still unknown and it being a cross-breed makes finding its true origin difficult.

This cross-breed is concluded to be as a result of the crossbreeding between the American Pit Bulls and Patterdales although, it is still just speculation.

The crossbreeding between the American Pit Bulls and Patterdales was to get a family companion dog and for it to possess the positive attributes of its parents.

Although, the result of this crossbreeding will not only possess the positive attributes of its parents it will also surely inherit some of their negatives attributes.

Some Important Facts about the Pocket American Bully

We will be listing and discussing some important facts about the Pocket American Bully and all the captivating details about this mixed breed.

The Bodily Features of an American Bully Pocket

American Bully Pocket is heavily built with a huge head and small legs. This mixed-breed possesses if not all but most of the bodily features of the American Bulldog Standard.

As mentioned above, Pocket American Bullies are sturdy and possess a well-built body with big heads but have a very small stature.

Compared to all other American Bullies, the American Bully Pocket is the shortest and thickest. It was bred mainly for this reason for lovers of short and firm bullies.

Amongst many other unique characteristics, Pocket American Bully is also loved and adored for its great personality and its captivating look.

This mixed breed is blessed with standing ears and a huge head. Some owners go with an ear cropping while some leave the ears of their Pocket Bully in its natural shape.

Pocket Bully has different coat colors and each Pocket Bully’s coat color depends on its lineage.

The shape of the eyes of a Pocket American Bully can either be almond or oval. And for the color of its eyes, blue or albino eyes are not really preferred by buyers which also goes the same for all breeds of American Bully.

This mixed-breed is well-endowed and well-built physically leaving only just its small and tiny legs as an exception.

Life Expectancy of an American Bully Pocket

An American Bully Pocket can live longer than its popular average lifespan which is around 11 years to 13 years if well-taken care of.

And to make it live longer than the popular average lifespan of its breed, it needs to always be in a healthy condition, environment and to be given its correct and appropriate diet for a healthy life.

Fun Facts about Male American Bully Pocket

Male Pocket Bullies are blessed with the ability to impregnate their counterparts at any age they are which means they are always potent and energetic and mobile sexually.

They become potent and mobile sexually when they are about 6 months of age. And they become mature sexually when they are around 12 months to 15 months of age.

And after they become mature sexually, they can copulate anytime and impregnate their counterparts at any age.

Sexual Facts About the Female American Bully Pocket

Sexual maturity of a female Pocket Bully can be attained early or late and early sexual maturity in a female Pocket Bully is when it is about 6 months of age while the latter is when it is about 2 years of age.

This means a female American Bully Pocket type can undergo its cycle of heat which is also known as ‘estrous’ starting from the age of 6 months.

Its cycles of heat present themselves i.e. happen every six months and this is known to be the period when female Pocket Bully allows the male Pocket Bully to mate with it.

And the cycle of the heat of a female Pocket Bully happens until its hits its old age. It cycle is also in four stages and these stages will be listed below.

  • Proestrus
  • Estrus
  • Diestrus
  • Anestrus


This is the first stage and phase in the cycle of a female Pocket Bully when it does not permit breeding and it is when it charm and tempts its counterpart.


The second stage and phase in the cycle of a female Pocket Bully is when it allows and engages with a male Pocket Bully. And it lasts for about nine days which is also the same for the Proestrus.


The third phase in the cycle of a female Pocket Bully is when it might probably get pregnant and do show the signs of pregnancy during this period.


This is the fourth stage and also the last stage in the cycle of a female Pocket Bully is when it does not allow, charm, or tempt and engage with male Pocket Bullies.

This means anything sexual is not done during this period and this period is said to continue for about 3 months to 4 months until it cycle of heat starts again.

Pocket Bullies are very powerful

Pocket Bullies are known to be the smallest of all the breeds of American Bully but they are still also the ones with the most firm and thick build.

The physical appearance of Pocket Bullies appears to be very scary and dreadful which also command power and dominance.

They are friendly, lovely, and peaceful which is the same with all other breeds of American Bully.

And these beautiful characters of theirs are quite opposite of how they look, the expression and meaning their physical appearance gives.

They are very protective mostly when it has to do with their owner and they are quite very brave. And they also connect really well with kids and other animals.

Exercise Requirements for Pocket American Bullies

The total time needed by a Pocket American Bully for its exercise is just an average of about an hour daily. And Pocket American Bullies are very high-energy breeds.

They need to exercise both physically and psychologically and also do require some daily schedule walk and also engage in some activities as part of their exercise.

This is just an important requirement for healthy living. It needs its psychological training as much as it needs its physical training.

This mixed-breed is quite intelligent and brilliant. And its exercise can be a walk in the morning and evening and playing of some games to help stimulate its brain and enhance its mental health.

The duration to be used for the exercise of an American Bully Pocket type actually depends on the age of your Pocket Bully.

Exercise Requirements for young Pocket Bullies

It is known that the Older Pocket Bullies are quite very energetic and possess high energy compared to the young Pocket Bullies.

And it is advised not to overwork your Pocket Bully during exercise because it is quite dangerous for its health and can also actually hurt your canine.

This also has to do with the kind of exercise given to your Pocket Bully since it is known that the exercise and activities your older Pocket Bully engages in should be quite different from that of your young Pocket Bully.

It is advisable to not allow your young Pocket to jump from high places since it has a greater chance of harming its bones as they are just forming.

Long walks should also be avoided for young Pocket mainly because of its bones and it actually does not need up to an hour for its exercise, unlike the older Pocket.

Walks for young Pocket Bully should be fun walks and the duration should not be more than 30 minutes at most.

Exercise and activities engaged in by your young Pocket should increase as it grows and remembers that brain stimulation is also very well important for your young Pocket.


Grooming of Pocket Bully

A Pocket Bully just needs and requires basic and little grooming. Professional grooming is actually not needed when it comes to a Pocket Bully.

Average and standard brushing is okay for this mixed-breed since they have a very short coat which also means they will require just a normal and uniform bath.

It is well known that shedding in dogs differs from each other which means some are heavy shedders while some are average shedders and some just shed a little.

Regular brushing of its teeth, cleaning of its hair, and cutting off its nails will be required. And also monitor, observe and check up on your Pocket Bully always.

Pocket American Bully Health Issues

Pocket American Bully has some health problems which happen in every other breed of dog. And some of these health problems are common to most breeds while some just affect a particular breed of dog.

Some of the health problems Pocket Bullies and other breeds are facing are genetic while some are caused by the mistakes of their owners or breeders.

Below will be some common health problems Pocket Bullies are prone to.

Hip Dysplasia

This disease is common in every breed of dog. And it happens when the hip ball and socket of a dog are crushing and scrubbing into each other.

And the known symptoms of this disease are limping, reduction in activities engaged, and pain while trying to stand up, run, jump or climb, and so on.

Surgery can be done in the worst case of this disease but it is necessary to visit your vet no matter how severe it is or not.


This is a health problem that happens when the thyroid gland of a Pocket Bully cannot generate and manufacture adequate thyroid hormones that are contributing to the metabolic activities in its body.

This health problem does not really always affect dogs with small stature which means it does not really occur in Pocket American Bullies.

Although, it affects this mixed-breed and the signs and symptoms of this health problem are overweight, bodyweight loss or reduced weight, loss of hair, skin problems, and so on.

This health problem is not life-threatening and it is well-advised to visit your vet when you notice any of these signs.

Heart Problem

Heart problems and issues are not common in Pocket Bullies and it is advisable to visit your vet whenever you notice any of the signs below.

  • Lack of appetite
  • Loss of weight
  • Regular tiredness
  • Respiratory distress and so on.

Other Common Health Issues related to Pocket American Bully

There are some other common health issues that a Pocket American Bully is likely to suffer from and these health issues will be listed below.

  • Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome
  • Cherry Eye
  • Entropion
  • Flatulence
  • Cataracts and so on.

Average Price of a Pocket American Bully

The request and order of a Pocket American Bully are high and huge and one of the main reasons for this is because a Pocket American Bully is a hybrid i.e. a crossbreed.

And it is also the perfect breed to be a family companion dog, which is also another cause for the demand of the Pocket American Bully to be high and also making it quite expensive to purchase.

There are so many factors influencing the cost and price of this mixed breed and these factors are its unique personality, portable stature, and charming bodily features amongst many other factors.

These factors do not only make it quite expensive but also make it popular.

So, the average price of a Pocket American Bully is said to be around one thousand dollars and this is said to be the least price you can get a Pocket Bully.

Character and Personality of a Pocket Bully

Due to the facial look and physical appearance of a Pocket Bully, they are often mistaken to be very aggressive.

And this is a belief that is not true in whatever way. This mixed breed is very friendly, affectionate, calm, and loving.

Though the character and personality of this breed might differ since it is not purebred, it can inherit the character and personality of any of its parents.

Pocket Bullies are particularly and remarkably true and faithful to their owners. They are intelligent, brilliant, sportive, and vigorous which makes training them very easy.

They are attentive and very protective when it comes to their owners. This mixed-breed is also very brave and bold despite its small size.

Height and Weight of Pocket Bully

Pocket Bully is a kind of breed with a very small stature. And it is quite small compared to both of its parents.

The height of a male Pocket Bully is said to be below 17 inches while the height of a female Pocket Bully is also considered to be below 16 inches.

And the weight of an adult male Pocket Bully is considered to be around 12 pounds to about 22 pounds while that of an adult female Pocket Bully is weighed up to be around 10 pounds to 20 pounds.

Coat Colors of Pocket American Bully

The coat color of Pocket Bullies differs from each other. And below will be the list of some common coat colors of Pocket Bullies.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Fawn
  • Black and Tan
  • Blue and Tan
  • Brown
  • Buckskin
  • White and Seal and so on.

Final Thoughts on Pocket American Bully

Raw, ready-made, and homemade dog food are good choices of a balanced and nutritional diet for a Pocket American Bully.

This mixed breed is quite very charming and attractive and will never be a bad choice for a pet and mostly a family companion dog.

The exercise of this mixed-breed needs to be scheduled. And it is very important and necessary to socialize a Pocket Bully early as it is also important in other breeds.

Pocket American Bully is highly advisable to be gotten as a pet and welcome it to your precious home and family.

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